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In order to be deployed as a German Red Cross Delegate, a valid driver’s license is necessary due to security reasons:*

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Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions

The “Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.” – German Red Cross – (hereinafter referred to as „DRK“), based in Berlin, Germany, uses a web-based application with a database (hereinafter referred to as “DRK HR Net”) for the collection and administration of personal data on applicants and members (hereinafter referred to as “Expert” or “Experts”) of the DRK pool of experts for international Red Cross/ Red Crescent Movement missions and for DRK training activities.
Experts are given the opportunity to access an update their profile data at any time and from all over the world. The DRK HR Net provides DRK employees with all data required for the mission management, the administration of the profiles and the planning and implementation of training activities.
DRK places great importance upon the protection of personal data. The collection, the storage and use (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Processing”) of the data provided to DRK by the Experts is carried out according to the standards of the German Act on Data Protection (“Bundesdatenschutzgesetz”, “BDSG”).

A. Privacy Policy

1. Automatically collected data of visitors
The web server automatically collects information on all visitors including client IP address, request date/time, page requested, HTTP code, bytes served, user agent, and referrer. This information is written to the web servers log file and will be used for security reasons and for fraud prevention only.
Your IP address will automatically be anonymized after a maximum of 24 hours.
2. Personal data entered by users
DRK asks each Expert for detailed personal information including details on health constitution, passports and ID cards and on family members.
All requested information is necessary to identify if an Expert is qualified for an international Red Cross/ Red Crescent Movement mission and/or for DRK training activities. In order to make DRK able to react quickly to emergency situations all over the world each Expert is requested to provide all information necessary to apply for visa. Some countries require specific information on the Expert’s family background.
All information given by the Expert will only be used for the selection of qualified experts for Red Cross/ Red Crescent Movement missions, for the participation in training activities, preparatory work and the administrative processing of assistance/deployments and for the administrative preparatory work for and handling of training activities.
Only the DRK employees from the Human Resources and the Training Divisions as well as the administrators of the DRK HR Net have access to the database.
We have to point out that the requirements of delegate selection and nomination processes may demand that information concerning your person be shared within the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. This may include transmission into countries that do not apply data protection standards comparable to those of the European Union. If you do not or no longer consent to this practice, we ask you to object to it in writing. Deleting your data will be possible whenever you wish this to happen.
3. User’s rights
Each Expert may at any time review, modify or delete his profile and all personal data stored in DRK HR Net including uploaded documents. The Expert may also request DRK to modify or delete the profile and request information on all personal data stored to the Expert’s profile. Such request must be filed in writing (e-mail or fax are sufficient) to:

Deutsches Rotes Kreuz e.V.
- Privacy DRK HR Net -
Carstennstr. 58
12205 Berlin
4. Data security
All data transmissions between the users and the web server are encrypted using the https protocol. The Expert’s access to their personal data is protected by a user name or email address and a password (minimum 7 characters including a minimum of 1 special character).
The web servers for DRK HR Net are hosted in Germany.
Employees of DRK have no access to the Expert’s password and are not able to set a new password for an Expert. Experts who forgot their password may generate a new password using the “password forgotten” function of DRK HR Net.
All employees of DRK have been informed of the data protection directives and have signed an obligation to adhere to the corresponding provisions according to Sec. 5 of the German Data Protection Act (“BDSG”).

B. Terms and Conditions

1. DRK HR Net
For the targeted and fast deployment of field personnel for international emergency missions, it is required that a sufficient reserve of qualified personnel be made available that can be quickly dispatched. It is among the fundamental duties of DRK to provide a corresponding database-supported pool of experts. As required and with the aid of DRK HR Net, DRK selects suitable and qualified candidates from the pool of experts for an international emergency mission.
2. Obligations of the user
Each Expert must be at least 18 years of age. There is no legal claim to be listed in the DRK pool of experts or to be accepted for a DRK training course.
The Expert is obliged to regularly update his profile data .All data must be entered truthfully and must be documented at any time upon request.
3. Term and Termination
The Expert’s profile is generally stored in DRK HR Net for an infinite term. The Expert may delete his profile at any given time. DRK may request Experts to update their profile. If the Expert does not update his profile after such a request DRK may set the profile to the status “inactive”. Profiles with the status “inactive” may be archived by DRK if they have not been updated for more than 6 months. Archived profiles may be reactivated by DRK upon the Expert’s request. Profiles which remain in the archive for more than five years shall be automatically and irreversibly deleted by the system.

Last changed: DRK 15.06.2012

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